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FIlter press for wine industry

We started new product line AMHR 500 a 630 filter press for wine indutry. pruduct brief

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Chemical WWTP Ruzyne Airport

We have produced and delivered chemical treatment plant for the Prague Ruzyne Airport servicing, washing and cleaning aircraft.

Deliveries to Egypt

We continue to supply equipment for the recycling of water to Egypt.


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Flotation is a separation process, which has wide industrial application of the separation of mineral ores, coal or waste water treatment. The separation process is based on the different wettability components in the mixture.

Flotation unit works on the principle of pressure flotation (DAF) - i.e. the dissolution of compressed air in the circulation circuit unit and its subsequent release in the main tank, thus creating the necessary amount microbubbles to each other on the way to bind a hydrophobic surface - poorly wettable particles called flocculus whose density is lower than the density of the surrounding liquid medium. These flocculus gather on the surface and in the intervals wiper and diverted to the thickening and homogenization tanks to drainage or further processing. Hydrophilic, well wettable components that are heavier than water to the bottom sediments and are diverted.

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The pressure gasworks in Vresova is gasificated a brown coal from the surrounding districts. The main product is Energogas, for the production of electric energy, then generator tar, phenolic concentrated sulfuric acid, liquid ammonia. Company Antares participated significantly in the delivery of technological units in the construction of new plants Gasworks Heather pressure.


Line Filter is used to filter waste water from cutting, grinding various kinds of stone and various fittings and concrete paving. That device is installed in Presbetonu Drahotuse. Equipment 50 m3 clean wastewater for 1 hour, treated waste water separator filter and filter press is re-used in the operation. Drainage in the form of sludge cake is used for backfilling and reclamation. Production of solid waste is approximately 15 tons / 8 hours.

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Installed equipment in ore mines in Jeseniky are used for disposal of old ecological burdens in the extraction of minerals. In this area are acidic mine water and neutralized first modified and then drain the filter presses. Treated waste water after meeting all the parameters that are determined by legislative requirements, are discharged into surface streams. Dewatering filter cake is weighed at the designated landfill. Maximum power of this device is 380 m3/day.

Mine Water Mine Water Mine Water Mine Water

Device is used to regulate surface water from the river Elbe for operational use in the metallurgical and mechanical sewage treatment works. Performance modifications of surface waters is 60m3 / ha the performance of mechanical treatment of waste water discharged is 45m3 / hod. Water treatment plant consists of screen cabinet, raw water pumping station, sand filter, filtered water reservoir, pumping station end, separator sludge from the works of water and filter press with accessories.

Mechanical wastewater treatment plant consists of inflow control devices, screens, grit chambers, sand separator, traps hydrocarbons stanice. Introduced device is installed in Kovohute Celakovice.

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